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I have introduced a new tab on my blog called Health and Fitness. I want to share my story and I pray it blesses and inspires those who read it. If you struggle with your health, you are not alone. I plan to give updates and share the healthy recipes I am making. I was also inspired by a fellow blogger friend, Sharita who is the owner of the 907 Strut blog, to share my own health story because it may encourage someone. I am going to take my followers on my health and fitness journey as I seek to fight, to improve, to conquer, and heal! I pray that whomever reads this will be encouraged that a diagnosis doesn’t have to equal discouragement and that you should never give up.

It all started in 2012 when I was feeling nauseous and felt like I was dragging. All I had eaten was a bite of toast because I felt I couldn’t keep anything down. I went to church and kept feeling worse. I suddenly felt the need to throw up and my brain felt foggy so I went to go to the bathroom…except I never made it. I took a couple of steps and immediately passed out, hit a table, and hit the floor. I came to a few seconds later. I thought it was just a one off moment so after I recovered, drank some water, and I went on about my life as normal. I never went to the doctor. Mistake #1! My stomach began to really bother me every time I ate and I always felt tired. I ignored my symptoms. The next instance happened almost 2 years later. I could barely get off the couch. My dad thought it would be a good idea to get some fresh air so we went to get some groceries. We were in the checkout line and I REALLY felt bad so I looked over to my dad and said “dad I don’t feel” and that was it. I passed out and my body fell to the floor, thankfully my dad caught me before I hit the ground. I went in an ambulance and was rushed to the emergency room where I threw up black blood. I had to have my stomach pumped which was a traumatic experience! I was admitted into the hospital overnight and was released the next day once I was feeling better, I began to experience a whole host of other problems that were affecting my health making it hard for me to make it to work regularly. I had to go home early often but thank God, I had a job that was understanding of my condition.  However, this was my wakeup call! I could not ignore my symptoms any longer. From this point on I began to see several general doctors and specialists but no one could figure out what was wrong with me, how I had gotten so much blood in my stomach, or why it had sat there for so long. No one could explain why my stomach hurt and why I could barely eat. No one could explain the headaches, the nausea, my feeling of exhaustion. My stomach shrank as a result of not being able to eat properly and I was malnourished. I kept seeing doctors, getting bloodwork done, trying natural remedies, small diet changes, and exercise. It wasn’t until 2016 that I found an Internist, a nurse, and a gastroenterologist who began putting the pieces together. I was diagnosed with Gastritis and Gastroparesis which do not have a cure. I went to see a nutritionist and got some helpful advice on how to slowly nurse myself back to semi good health because up until this point everything I ate caused me pain and nausea. I began feeling better and so I slowly started regressing back to the way I used to eat which wasn’t necessarily unhealthy but it wasn’t healthiest. I finally was at my wits end in 2017 trying to figure out how can I get better, how can I effectively manage my symptoms, how can I improve my quality of life. I saw Tia Mowry’s book, A Whole New You and was intrigued by her story. Upon reading her book, I found out about the Body Ecology Diet, did research , and decided this was the best course of action. It was worth a try! I ordered the Body Ecology Starter Pack today and made my 1st meal out of A Whole New You. If you struggle with intestinal problems, stomach problems, tiredness, headaches, allergies, brain fog, and memory loss…look into the Body Ecology diet! It may help to heal your body. The diet is designed for you to eat the most nutritious foods in order to get you body in correct alignment. I encourage everyone to read Whole New You by Tia Mowry because it discusses the science behind what you eat and many ways to eat better. The book also shows how Tia recovered from endometriosis and is living a better, fuller life.

Follow my health and fitness journey as I see what works for me and seek to conquer my diagnosis! -Taylor Mitchell


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