Livia! Struggle with Period Pain?

Here’s my honest review of Livia.

I have struggled with extreme pain and cramping during my period since I first started. I have gone through using many different types of pain medications but using medication, for me, isn’t a good long term solution. I also had been developing resistance to pain medication and had been looking for a different way to manage my pain. A friend found Livia and suggested it to me. I did my research and decided to try it out. Livia uses electro therapy to dull your pain sensors so you don’t feel cramping or it’s greatly reduced. The electro therapy feels like shocks or tickles and isn’t uncomfortable or painful. After a few minutes, you don’t feel it anymore nor will you feel the cramping as much if at all. I really like Livia thus far! It doesn’t take away all my pain but it does greatly reduce it and make it manageable for me so that I can make it through the day. While using Livia, I did not have to take pain medication which is great for me! I like that it’s discreet, comes in cute colors, is easy to carry around, easy to recharge, and easy to use. Livia is spendy but definitely worth the investment for all my lovely ladies out there struggling with period pain!! I definitely recommend it.

I was not paid or endorsed for this review.


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