Self Love is Key

Self love is so important and it’s something many people struggle with. As Christians, God calls us to walk in victory and not defeat.

I was texting with Kayla, my new curly girl friend, and we started talking about hair colors—what we liked, what I had tried, and our favorites. Then the conversation took an interesting and more introspective turn.

Kayla said “I’m trying to love myself for who I am though. I felt more beautiful with blonde hair so I want to change that”

So I said…

“Definitely understand trying to love yourself and make you feel like your best self”

To which Kayla responded…

“Exactly…but I also need to love myself and the way I look the way God made me naturally you know?”

I responded with…

“Yes, I understand that. I hardly ever wore makeup growing up. Then became an adult and because of my own negative feelings and negative feedback from others, I began to wear makeup as a way to look “better”. But, then I came to the realization that I am beautiful with or without makeup. I can use makeup to enhance my natural beauty and not to make myself look “better” or look like the worlds standards of beauty. So, now I wear makeup sometimes, other times I don’t, it’s just based on if I want to wear it and how I’m physically feeling. Sometimes I do a full face, sometimes, it’s light/simple makeup, sometimes it no makeup. But, if I don’t wear makeup, I’m okay and I don’t feel bad about it.”

This conversation touched me because beauty standards often dictate to women how they should look, how they should feel, what they should wear. It’s pushed everywhere. I believe that many times these suggestions become more of a rule in our society as a whole, and women can feel like if they don’t look the way the beauty industry or fashion industry says, then they’re not right or they’re not good enough. I think it’s important to keep everything in perspective and embrace what God has given to you and how he made you. We shouldn’t allow beauty and fashion to dictate our lives but use them as helpful tools. It’s okay to not look “perfect” all the time.

It’s an amazing thing to find people to encourage, support, and love you on whatever journey you’re on within yourself. So, I say, wear makeup to enhance your natural beauty and not to hide or try to measure up to how the world says you should look. Be more comfortable and confident in your own skin. There’s nothing wrong with a full face of makeup or wanting a simpler polished look. There’s nothing wrong with not wearing makeup at all. It’s easier said than done. I think a lot of women, including myself, are working on this as it is a daily struggle but God, he’s there to help. God loves you even when you don’t love yourself but he calls us to walk in victory and not defeat, to hold our heads up high because he loves us so much.

Ladies, love yourself and practice self love.


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