Self Love Monday-Mirror Mirror


💜”It’s good to truly look at yourself in the mirror with no makeup on sometimes”💜 This is me with no makeup, glasses on, just Carmex on my lips, and my hair wrapped up. Having a chronic illness can alter how you see yourself even more than what you already thought previously. I don’t mind not wearing makeup sometimes but what really gets me is truly looking at myself in the mirror and appreciating what God made me to be.

When I was younger, I developed a bad habit that when I went into a bathroom or saw a mirror, I would take off my glasses so I didn’t have to see myself clearly. I didn’t want to see all my flaws and imperfections.

I didn’t want to see the me that I believed I was. I didn’t have to face the reality that I didn’t like me. I still have this habit but I am learning to be okay looking at me. I’m learning to say thank you and mean it when someone compliments me. God made me just how he wanted me to be. It’s not about being conceited or staring at yourself all the time, but about appreciating and recognizing you for being the beautiful YOU that YOU are.

I am not less than. I am more than enough. This self love journey is just that…a journey.

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