Self Love Monday- Shine Your Light

IT’S SELF LOVE MONDAY! 🌻 “Ain’t nobody stealing my shine, not even me.”

Do you steal your own shine, dim your own light sometimes? This can happen when you’re too hard on yourself, push yourself too far, forget your self care, forget to give yourself some extra love. 🌻Last week I found it incredibly hard to stay positive because it seemed that many things were coming against me. I was having a really bad autoimmune flare up that had been going on for a couple weeks. I was in pain, I was sad, I was discouraged. 🌻It didn’t seem like it was getting better and I didn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel when I would feel relatively better again. I was drained. I found that I was smiling at those around me, trying to be genuine, and pushing through the things I needed to do but ignoring most of my self care. 🌻I crashed energy wise and struggled throughout the weekend. Sunday when I went to church, God reminded me that I can’t just keep pushing myself when my body is telling me to take some time. I have to shine within myself, I can’t dim my own light because then I don’t have anything to give. I want to project God to those around me, project light to those around me and I can’t truly shine if my own internal light is dim. 🌻God keeps speaking the word “perspective” to me. It’s very hard in the storm to remain hopeful but that is what I must do! God is my light and my salvation of whom shall I be afraid? Not this autoimmune disease. God is my hope. I can’t lose sight of that. I have many things to be thankful for and I am happy God has blessed me with those who encourage me and stick with me through my dark moments. 🌻Take moments to care for yourself, let others know how you’re feeling, and know your limitations. Limitations don’t always have to hold you back, they can become your strength. Part of life is about navigating through the storms and I want God to lead me where he wants me to go. I am learning to trust and let go.

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