Self Love Monday- Sometimes You Just Have To Encourage Yourself


🌻 It can be helpful to place scriptures and positive affirmations around you to encourage you throughout your day. I have scriptures and positive affirmations all around my desk at work. I am disciplining myself to look at these things when I’m starting to feel discouraged, sad, or what have you. Placing positive reminders around yourself is one way to show yourself love and to encourage yourself for those times when you don’t feel like you can. My lips are still irritated and have a burning sensation. My lips are also still cut open on the sides so open mouth smiling hurts because it re-rips open the cuts. Practicing my close mouth smile 😊 I’m pressing through. God has it all under control. He made the whole universe, surely he can take care of me.

Tell yourself today…

1) Have Faith

2) Pray and Be Fierce About It

3) Everything Is Going To Be OK

4) Have A Colorful Day!

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