I Worked Out!

I did something I haven’t done in 2 years because I was physically unable to sustain doing it… I WORKED OUT! I did a 20 minute program because Yolanda inspired me throughout this past few months. I had been sitting on the sidelines watching Yolanda, praying one time I could participate. I’ve been motivated to workout but chronic illness and chronic pain was holding me back. I went to the Mayo Clinic and received some things to try and manage my various health issues. I am finally in a place where, physically, I can try pushing myself a bit more. I have to take it slow so I don’t do damage to myself, but I am excited for this next step. I’ve been praise dancing weekly, doing physical therapy, and now I’m adding in another form of cardio with this full body workout. Yay for me! This is a huge milestone. #sweatwithyo #sweat #workout #motivation #chronicillness #chronicpain #functionaldyspepsia



    • Taylor M
      December 31, 2018 / 5:08 pm

      Thank you!

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