Glute Day!

Day 2 down. Worked out the glutes tonight! I definitely am enjoying this workout program and I am looking forward to it tomorrow! I drank my pre-workout and my post workout. Loving using the weights! I am noticing more my lack of balance/stabilization when bending over or doing lunges with the weights, I get off balance so I want to center myself better. Each day I push myself. I’m tired, I’ve got acid reflux, my body hurts, I can’t think clearly…the list goes on! You don’t always see how I struggled throughout the day but that’s okay! I continue to show up for myself, I’m learning to listen to my body more. Working out has become a self care thing for me and I’m so extremely grateful that I have some of my mobility back. Every time I work out, it’s a blessing so I do what I can! Want to know what workout program I’m doing??? Drop me an emoji below!! I’m looking to work with 5 women this month. Is that woman you?



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