My Style

Welcome to my blog! The point of this blog is to post clothing, shoes, jewlery, makeup, and other fashion related things that I like or inspire me. I have my style and I embrace that. I am a huge fan of sales, affordable clothing, and a degree of modesty. You don’t have to break the bank or show everything to be cute. I encourage everyone to find their style and own it. I hope this blog inspires you. ❤️ This first post is to show you myself and my style.  #fashion #clothing #style  This look was inspired by seafoam and chic! I love shopping on Amazon and finding cute things from various sellers. The color combination of this outfit really  appeals to me. I am a big fan of clothing selections that match. The other item I love is the scarf. It goes with my style theme and adds detail to break up the blocks of solid color. Bottom line: grey, white, black, and seafoam will make a great looking ensemble however you choose to combine them.  

  This white dress was what I wore for my 24th birthday this year. Bought it online at Charlotte Russe.  I picked this because it screamed simple and elegant. I love the simple detail on the side. My makeup was done by the MAC counter at Nordstroms. Normally I do not wear much makeup but for special occasions I like a little extra drama. 

  This outfit–shirt, pants, and shoes– are all from H&M. I love the simplicity of the detail and the sheer quality of the shirt. 

  This dress was one I wore to a work appreciation dinner. I love this dress. It’s simple, it’s elegant, but still has some flare with its asymmetric nature. 

Well… Until next time– Stay stylish. 😊


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