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A Casual Outfit Appropriate For The Workplace

If your workplace allows you some flexibility with what you wear then I have an idea for a cute yet professionally appropriate outfit.

3 Major Components–Cardigan, Boots, Colored Pants

More staples in a wardrobe include colored bottoms, riding boots, and a thick cardigan. Colored bottoms add variety to an outfit, while a thick cardigan with a pattern adds texture and flare. I love this outfit because the maroon pants break up the browns in the rest of the outfit. I took the open cardigan and safety pinned it shut because it made a more flattering shape. Also, in the transition in Alaska from winter to spring, this warm outfit does the trick. To complete this look throw on a brown or maroon shade of lipstick if you’d like and earrings. The other reason I love this outfit is because it’s simple. Three major components– cardigan, boots, colored bottom. So, if you need a quick and casual outfit for work… Try something like this! 

Well until next time… stay StylishandFabulous! 💁🏽


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