Dress Up The Plaid!

Dress Up The Plaid!


Everyday you don’t have to look red carpet ready but everyday is an opportunity to show your style in various ways. One of my favorite patterns to wear is plaid. Plaid can be dressed down to look very casual or fit in more with a grunge look but plaid can also be slightly more sophisticated. Take a plaid shirt with a more feminine and dramatic flair, pair it with your favorite pair of skinny jeans, matching red flats, and fiery red lips(I’m all about the lips) to complete this look. I am a huge fan of the colors I wear matching together because I like the color symmetry of it all. However, you can adapt this look to your own style! Switch it up by mixing colors or style of jeans/pants.

Well until next time… Stay stylish and fabulous! 💁🏽
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Shirt dress

Cheap Monday low rise jeans
$27 –

Faux leather purse
$29 –

Lime Crime lipstick


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