Easy Nails

Easy Nails


Style Tip Alert!

Are you looking for a way to do your nails, have them look professional, and be inexpensive? Try press on nails. I absolutely love them, the oval edition is my favorite. Here are my tips on how to apply them and make them last.

1) Pick out your correct sizes
2) Get some nail glue and put a thin layer all over your nail
3) Press the nail on and hold for at 5 seconds making sure to press the sides as well as the top

I’ve made these nails last at least 2 weeks and often I don’t have to reapply them because the nail doesn’t come off. The great thing about this too is that if they do come off, it’s easy to reapply the glue and attach them again. The press on nails aren’t damaging to your nails either so it’s a win-win!

Until next time… Stay Stylish and Fabulous!

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