Business For Spring!

Business For Spring!
Floral patterns, soft colors, and pastels are great for Spring. I like to pair florals, soft colors, and pastels with a solid colors to provide contrast and to have the focal point be what I’m trying to highlight. I love these 2 outfits I’ve put together because a floral jacket is fun and provides visual stimulation to the eye. I think pairing it with a soft pink helps to accentuate the jacket. The second outfit is great because the black blazer will help draw the attention to the floral print of the shirt. The color of the pants are just the perfect compliment and combination to the shirt and jacket. Either of these looks are great for if you want to spruce up your business attire!

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City Chic lace top

White shirt

Sans Souci blazer jacket

Black sandals

MANGO flat shoes


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