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Stylish Looks I’d Wear!

Stylish Looks I'd Wear!
What’s your favorite look? 
I like outfit 1 because sometimes it’s nice to step out of your Spring and summer dresses and get into a pair of Bermuda shorts! Especially when I plan to be more active. Pair the shorts with a chiffon/semi sheer blouse and you have an easy yet cute outfit good for almost activity. 
I like outfit 2 because the color makes it feel cheery and bright! Sometimes, if you’re not feeling in your best mood, a pretty, light, visually interesting, and cheery dress will lift your spirits!
I like outfit 3 because navy is such a good color to pair with florals. It is the perfect backdrop! An off the shoulder, longer dress provides a bit more of a feminine touch. 

Yellow dress

WithChic long top
$25 –

Gap shorts


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