Elimination Diet-Gut Problems

I’m starting an elimination diet to figure out what is wreaking so much havoc on my body. I have some intestinal abs stomach problems that I’ve been struggling with for 5 years. The elimination diet consists of eating no soy, gluten, wheat, caffeine, not eating certain proteins, and processed sugars for 3-4 weeks then one at at time, reintroducing those foods back into your diet. The purpose is to clear your body out and reset your gut! Once you reintroduce a food you haven’t eaten, you can determine if your body reacts to it. You may have no reaction, an allergic reaction, or motive a food sensitivity. I’ll be chronicling my journey and the food I’m making each week!

Share with me your struggles with food wreaking havoc on your body. I’d love to hear. I’m always looking to try new recipes and natural remedies.


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