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I often hear people talk about how they just want to be happy. They want a happy marriage, they want happy kids, they want happy lives in general. Unfortunately, I hear people make comments about how God wants us to be happy and that Jesus came to bring us happiness. “God wants me to be happy!” They say.

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This morning, I found the answer. The not-so-secret secret to happiness: God. God is our happiness. God is our joy and our strength. .


Psalm 84 tells us… HAPPY are the ones who praise him continually. HAPPY are the people whose strength is in the Lord. HAPPY is the person who trusts in the Lord.



Want to be happy? Turn to Jesus. Want a happy marriage? Turn it over to God. Want happy children? Teach them who God is.



People have paid tons of money to figure out the secret to happiness. It’s been right there waiting for them all along.




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