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“Blessed is she who has b e l i e v e d.” — sometimes what stops us from truly encountering God & all that He has for us is that we are full of unbelief. Our words scream that we believe in Him but our hearts say otherwise.


In Mark 9, it wasn’t the fact that Jesus couldn’t perform healing on the father’s son, it was the father’s faith. In fact — “Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.””-Mark 9:23


God can make the impossible possible (Matthew 19:26) but you need to have faith & believe that He can do all that He said He will do. And the best part is… He has given us absolutely no reason to even think that He isn’t a man of His word & that He would ever make a promise He wouldn’t keep. (Numbers 23:19).. & by the way, I get so excited whenever I get to buy new prayer journals esp. from Target or Marshalls lolol😍


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