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Invisible Illness Awareness

Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there. What we have can be hard to explain or describe to others, it’s not always easily seen from the outside. Sometimes we look “normal” and “healthy” but we’re suffering. Invisible and chronic illnesses plague so many people. It’s important to support those needing lifting up, to be kind to people because you don’t know what someone is going through. We must help each other to do more than survive but thrive. Kindness is a virtue and a great one to possess. 💜@chroniccurlycuties



#chronicillness #chronicpain #invisibleillnessawareness #invisibleillness #curlygirl #chroniccurlyandcute #gastroparesis #awareness #gastroparesisawareness #autoimmunedisease #autoimmunediseaseawareness #warriors #thrive


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