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Amazing Curls with Aunt Jackie’s Products

Thank you @auntjackiescurlsandcoils!!! Swipe/scroll to see the products I used. I’m super impressed by how my hair turned out!!! It’s soooo incredibly soft, defined, tamed, and it smells AMAZING. Here’s what I did: 1) Last night, I did a pre-poo splitting my hair into 4 sections, coating it with olive oil, then twisting those sections into rough Bantu knots. I let that sit for 30 minutes. 2) Gently rinsed out the olive oil with water. 3) Shampooed my hair and rinsed. 4) Conditioned my hair and let that sit for 5ish minutes. 5) Added in a detangler and let that sit for 2ish minutes. 6) Detangled my hair and rinsed. 7) Very lightly towel dried my hair. 8) Put in a leave in conditioner and curl custard. 9) Split my hair into 4 sections and twisted it back into Bantu knots, wrapped my hair and went to bed!

I woke up this morning, took out the Bantu knots, put a little extra curl custard and then went to work! I got SO many compliments on my hair today. 😍

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