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Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday!! I am grateful for God’s continued mercy and grace. I thank him for bringing me through this week because it’s been VERY rough. It’s hard to keep things in perspective sometimes. I had a great time at church today and singing songs of worship uplifted my spirit. Being surrounded by Christians who love God boosted me up.


I did a lot at church today.

I taught children’s church. Teaching my children’s church class(ages 4-9) is such a blessing because I get to see the kids absorbing and growing in Christ.

I sang a duet today and assisted in our ceremony promoting kids to the next grade and wishing them many blessings in the upcoming school year. I did praise dance practice and am excited for what my team is working on. I have many things to be thankful for.


I gave all my energy and spoons away but it was worth it. It felt nice to be able to do things today especially things for God.


I was also able to put on eye makeup today so I felt a little more alive. It’s the little things in life that make the most impact sometimes. My lips were puffy on the inside but not swollen on the outside. They’re very itchy and still burning but I was able to smile today without cracking my skin on the sides of my lips, reopening the cuts.


I’m still struggling with a slight migraine along with nausea but I am pushing through. God is sustaining me.


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