“Must” Have Items

There are a few items that every lady should have in her closet!

Don’t try to get all these at once, this list was built over time.

  1. Straight leg comfy pants
  2. Skinny leg comfy pants
  3. Jean jacket
  4. Long cardigan
  5. Short cardigan
  6. Leather jacket
  7. Basic Tee
  8. Basic long sleeve shirt
  9. Dress pants (if your job requires that)
  10. Blazer
  11. Maxi dress
  12. Spring/Summer dress
  13. Little black dress
  14. White dress
  15. Floral print anything
  16. Fun dress
  17. Long skirt
  18. Medium length skirt
  19. Athletic shoes
  20. Flats
  21. Heels
  22. Wedges
  23. Boots

You can create so many outfits with the items listed above! Have fun 🙂

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