The 3 F’s

My Top Three Important “Rules”

Fit. Function. Fabulous.

  1. Fit FactorYour clothes should fit you properly. When your clothes fit you well, they look better. When your clothes look better because they fit, you look better too. Some styles of clothing are meant to be looser or more tight fitting, just make sure you get the size that is the most flattering. A piece of advice I can give is to dress for the body you are in, not the body you want. As you reach your body goals, you can adjust your fit, style, and sizes.
  2. Function FactorThe clothing you own should serve multiple functions. Try not to but items that can only be worn one time or can only be worn with a certain pair of pants, blouse, skirt etc. My “rule” is to buy clothing that I can pair with multiple shirts, blouses, cardigans, skirts, pants, jackets and so on. You will get the most wear out of your money. It is okay to have some one off pieces, but the majority of your closet should be things that give you options. It’s fun to see how many ways you can wear something.
  3. Fabulous FactorThe clothing you wear should make you feel good about yourself and build your self confidence. Even if no one else gives you a compliment, you should have confidence in yourself that you look fabulous… even if you’re in a t-shirt and jeans.

As always… stay Stylish and Fabulous!

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